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Northex Environnement: Soil Treatment and Remediation Since 1997

At Northex Environnement, our mission is to bring new life to contaminated soils by treating and valorizing them through a continuously improving patented industrial process. We treat and remediate contaminated soils from all over Quebec, regardless of the level of contamination, giving them a second life and contributing to the circular economy. We also offer environmental consulting services—come and discover them!

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Treatment and Valorization

The royalties for contaminated soils leaving their original site, applicable since January 1, 2024, are only $5/ton, instead of $10.67 for landfills and waste disposal sites.

Quick and Easy Quotation

Get a quote quickly via our online form or email. Our responsive team will provide a prompt reply, allowing you to plan your project without delay.

Environmental Valorization

Contribute to environmental preservation: we offer a second life to contaminated soil by treating it instead of burying it, promoting a sustainable and responsible approach.

Circular Economy

The treated materials from your soils can be recovered for later use, promoting an eco-responsible use of resources and a significant reduction in waste.

Versatility in Accepted Soils

We accept organic and inorganic (metal) contamination for all levels of contamination and for all soil types, according to the nature of the contamination, in compliance with our certificates of authorization and capacities.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our team consists of researchers, geologists, and seasoned experts, ensuring that contaminated soils are treated with a high level of skill and precision, in accordance with the strictest standards.

Soil Management

Soil Management

Bring your contaminated soils to our plant in Contrecœur, Montérégie. We accept all types of soils, for all levels of contamination (including >RESC), both organic and inorganic, for most types of contaminants. Our experts will inform you if we can receive your soils. We operate the treatment using a mechanical and chemical fractionation method that isolates the contaminant for valorization. This innovative and patented technique offers an undeniable advantage for recycling extracted metals.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

Our team of consultants can operate throughout Quebec to provide various services: Environmental Assessment Phase I, II, and III, Preparation of Certificates of Authorization (CA), Preparation of Compliance Certificates, Environmental Emergency Plans. Our methodology meets recognized standards: CSA-Z768-01 – Canadian Standards Association, and the Guide de Caractérisation des terrains from the Quebec Ministry of Environment.

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Sale of Treated Products

Sale of Treated Products

We offer our clients the opportunity to purchase treated soils, which can be used as raw materials in the manufacture of new products. The nature and quantity of stock depend on what we have in inventory. We can also adapt our industrial process to meet our clients’ needs: sand, clay, backfill material, etc.

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In the Spotlight

Northex Environnement is not just a factory: it’s an SME with over 25 years of existence, continuously growing, with a team passionate about environmental issues in Quebec.

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Northex Environnement in Contrecœur and Malartic

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Soil Management


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Why Northex Needs to Receive Environmental Studies of Your Soils

Northex is a treatment facility, not a landfill: we must know the composition of the soils and the nature of the contaminants to ensure we can treat them according to our authorization certificate, accurately assess their potential for recovery, and determine our pricing.
The studies we receive are analyzed by our team of experts and handled with strict confidentiality.

Does Northex’s Site Have a Truck Scale?

Yes! We ask that you notify us 48 hours before delivering your soils to ensure there is no waiting time during unloading. This benefits the transporters, you, and our organization.

What Is the Turnaround Time for Receiving a Quote?

The usual response time is one or two days after receiving the environmental studies.
This allows our team to assess the soil composition and associated contaminants.
However, we can expedite this process if you inform us of your urgency: we adapt to your needs.

Trace Québec and Transport Manifests

Once our quote is accepted, we will provide you with our site number for “Trace Québec” and the transport manifests to present when unloading your soils. We are available at every stage of your project to support you.

How Is This Different from a Landfill?

We treat and recycle the soils to give them a second life, allowing our clients to reuse our processed products for their future needs. Additionally, the fees for contaminated soils leaving their original site, effective January 1, 2024, are only $5/ton with us, compared to $10.67 for landfills and waste disposal sites.