We bring contaminated soils back to life

Northex specializes in the treatment and valorisation of polluted soils impacted by heavy metals and organic contaminants. 


Founded in 1997, Northex is today the largest treatment center in Quebec whose mission is to give life back to the earth by reusing natural resources after treatment.  

Since then, significant research and development efforts have led to the development of a mechanical and chemical soil fractionation method that isolates the contaminant for recovery. This innovative and patented technique presents an undeniable advantage for the recycling of extracted metals. 

These treated soil fractions can be immediately reused as raw materials in the manufacture of new products.

"Contaminated soils are a non-renewable natural resource that must imperatively be recovered after treatment and become part of our transition towards a viable circular economy. Through our sustained efforts and investments in research and development, we wish to create optimal value out of the treated materials by contributing to the development of new products. " - Marie-Josée Lamothe, présidente