Serving Nature
Since 1997

Founded in 1997, Northex is now one of the largest centers for the treatment and transformation of contaminated soils in Quebec. The Northex team is passionate about the circular economy and significantly reducing our collective environmental footprint.

Innovation has always been part of the company’s DNA, developing efficient treatment processes that maximize recovery opportunities.

Our Mission


The History of Northex


Foundation of Northex Environnement by Marie-Josée Lamothe.


First treatment platform in Contrecœur for petroleum-based contamination.


Patent filed for a process to treat and recover metals.


Complete construction of the Contrecœur treatment plant for metal contamination: a first in Canada.


Founding of Atlas TSE, our subsidiary operating a treatment plant in Malartic, Abitibi-Témiscamingue.


The salamander, a symbol of soil resilience and fragility, becomes Northex’s logo on its 25th anniversary.


Optimization of the Contrecœur plant’s treatment systems.

A Message from the President

Marie-Josée Lamothe, MBA, Geologist

Contaminated soils, which are the basis of non-renewable natural resources, must be valorized after treatment and thus be part of a transition to a viable circular economy. Through our efforts and investments in research and development, we aim to optimally valorize treated resources and thus contribute to the development of new products.

Our Mission

Revitalizing the Earth and Valuing It
One Ton at a Time

Northex is a company that considers its clients’ interests by ensuring quality, economical, and optimal service. Northex is committed to adapting its offer and services according to the client’s needs and financial capacity, while respecting environmental requirements and best practices. The company is dedicated to diverting soils, which are a non-renewable natural resource, from landfills.

Our Values

Northex Environnement, a committed Quebec company, works for the well-being of its clients, employees, and the environment by giving a second life to the earth and providing a unique experience for its clients.

Diversity and Inclusion

The management promotes inclusion among all its employees and encourages open and constructive conversation. It also advocates for a diverse workforce by accepting and valuing individual differences. Our diversity policy includes age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, as well as criteria such as experience, personality, education, and skills. Our team, composed of professionals, technicians, and non-specialized employees, reflects the general composition of the society around us.


Since its founding in 1997, Northex has distinguished itself by its unwavering commitment to professionalism. Our integrity is at the heart of all our engagements, manifesting not only when seizing exciting opportunities but also when fully assuming our responsibilities in the face of challenges. We take full responsibility for our actions and strive to provide others with the resources and confidence needed to achieve their own goals.


As an employer, we encourage each individual to grow and excel in collaboration and teamwork. For us, teamwork is of utmost importance as it fosters interaction among staff members, thereby increasing efficiency in task accomplishment and the rapid and safe achievement of set goals. We therefore value and reward collaborative efforts.

Passion for the Circular Economy

All our corporate initiatives aim to promote the recovery and reuse of resources. Moreover, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint by developing products from recycling processes and participating in supply chains for essential goods to a healthy and sustainable economy.


Innovation is fundamental to maximizing the valorization of contaminated soils. Creativity and the courage to experiment with new approaches and technologies are at the core of our philosophy. For Northex, the spirit of innovation is a value that is reflected in all our initiatives, whether in operations, inventory management, or client relations.

Health and Safety

The well-being and safety of our team are essential elements for successfully achieving our mission. Since its inception, our company has implemented a workplace health and safety program aimed at preventing incidents and occupational illnesses. Over the years, this program has evolved to meet our specific needs.