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Our team of experts is at your disposal to carry out Phase I, II, and III environmental assessments, as well as to manage your soil remediation projects and other professional services. Fully compliant with all current legal requirements, our certified reports are legally defensible and add value to your projects. Trust our qualified team for tailored solutions and results that meet your needs.

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Environmental Studies

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

This assessment evaluates the potential or actual presence of soil contamination by reviewing the site’s historical activities and those in the immediate vicinity. If there is a risk of contamination, we recommend a Phase II assessment. The report is often required by financial institutions.

Phase II Site Characterization Study

This study determines the presence or absence of contaminants in the environment and specifies their nature (metals, petroleum products, organics, etc.). It includes sampling of soil and water, as well as their analysis in authorized laboratories.

Phase III Site Characterization Study

This study provides a comprehensive determination of the nature and extent of contamination (parameters, concentration, variation, dispersion, etc.) and assesses their impacts on the environment and human health risks. The goal is to propose realistic site rehabilitation solutions following an eco-responsible methodology and at the best possible cost.

Restoration and Follow-Up

Rehabilitation work is required when evaluations reveal contamination levels above governmental standards and municipal usage regulations. These efforts restore polluted soil and implement measures to prevent future contamination.

Our Strength, Our Team

Trust Our Team of Consultants, Comprised of Geologists, Engineers, and Environmental Experts with Over 100 Years of Combined Experience in the Environmental Field.

Expert Services

Permit and authorization certificate (CA) applications according to new ministerial standards

Technical-legal environmental expertise

Environmental emergency plan

Professional advice

Government assistance for Trace Québec

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Landowners, real estate developers, real estate agents, individuals, etc.

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Commercial and Industrial

Gas stations, industrial, manufacturing, merchants, financial institutions, etc.

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Municipalities, federal and provincial ministries, public structures, etc.