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7 June 2024 | News

After a visual redesign earlier this year, Northex Environnement is proud to present its newly modernized website to you! It was time to highlight our services, our history, and our commitment to the environment. More graphic, more dynamic, and more accessible, this site is the tool we needed to better communicate with you.

A Circular Economy Company

At Northex Environnement, we don’t just treat contaminated soils. We turn them into valuable, reusable resources for our clients’ future projects. Our new website highlights the sale of our processed products, which until now has not been sufficiently emphasized.

We firmly believe in the circular economy and in the valorization of materials. By treating various contaminants in soils, including metals, we reduce waste and contribute to a sustainable cycle of reuse. This approach not only protects the environment but also provides high-quality materials for new construction and development projects.

For over 26 years, technological advancements have been part of our DNA. We will regularly update our product catalog to reflect innovations and meet the needs of our clients. Each update will be an opportunity to present new innovative solutions, always in line with our environmental commitment.

Complementary Environmental Services

Northex Environnement is more than just a treatment plant and a laboratory. We also have an environmental consulting department capable of offering a wide range of professional services. These offerings, now highlighted on our website, include environmental studies and expertise services.

Our services cover a wide range of needs, from environmental risk assessment to contaminated site management, as well as regulatory advice and environmental monitoring. Our experts are here to support our clients in all stages of their projects, ensuring tailored and effective solutions.

Our clients can easily access the list of our services, but our services are not limited to this list. We are always ready to meet specific needs and offer customized solutions. With a growing team, we will continue to offer new services in the months and years to come. If you wish to join our adventure, feel free to offer your skills to us!

Company Life

Our website is not only aimed at our clients but also at our partners, academics, our employees, and many others. Therefore, we have taken care to explain who we are, where we come from, and what drives our daily actions.

“Reviving the earth and valuing it one ton at a time” is not just a slogan: it’s our mission, our identity. This story is told in our “About” section. We detail our journey, our successes, and the values that drive us.

To complement this insight into our company, a “Careers” section features videos of our employees talking about their activities, as well as information about life at Northex Environnement. We believe that sharing our employees’ experience is essential to showcase the positive and collaborative working atmosphere that prevails with us.

Online Submissions

It is now possible to submit requests for quotations directly online! Connected to our CRM, this new service will allow our teams to respond even more quickly to your requests. Of course, we remain available by email or phone. This additional tool is here to facilitate your procedures.

Our online submission platform has been designed to be intuitive and fast. You can submit your projects, request quotes, and track the progress of your requests in real-time. This transparency and efficiency are at the heart of our commitment to our clients.

The Salamander: Symbol of Renewal

In early 2024, our logo and colors were reworked. The salamander, a symbol of healthy soil and ecological regeneration, is still present on our new website. This visual renewal marks a new step in our commitment to protect and value our environment.

The salamander embodies our vision of resilience and regeneration. It symbolizes our ability to revive lands once contaminated, transforming them into exploitable and beneficial resources for society. This symbol reflects our determination to move forward and constantly innovate.

Environmental Commitment and Innovation

Northex Environnement has always been at the forefront of technologies for treating contaminated soils. Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly search for new methods and technologies to improve our processes and reduce our environmental impact. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and dedication.

Our teams work tirelessly to develop sustainable solutions that address current environmental challenges. Whether through the use of advanced technologies, continuous training of our staff, or collaboration with research institutions, we strive to remain leaders in our field.

A Site for All Our Stakeholders

Our new website has been designed to meet the needs of all our stakeholders. Whether clients, partners, employees, or academic researchers, everyone will find relevant information and useful resources.

We have integrated interactive features to make navigation more enjoyable and efficient. For example, our “News” section will be regularly updated with articles on the latest industry trends, case studies of our successful projects, and interviews with our experts.

Happy reading!

Feel free to explore our new site and discover all the innovations we have implemented to better serve you. Northex Environnement continues to grow and innovate for a greener and more sustainable future. Thank you for being part of this adventure with us!

With this new platform, we hope to strengthen our communication and transparency, thus facilitating your interactions with our company. We look forward to receiving your feedback and continuing to improve our service to meet your expectations.

Our commitment to the environment, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains at the heart of all our actions. Together, we can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world. Thank you for your trust and continuous support.